Live streams onYouTube live

As part of the forced closure of the studio due to the Covid pandemic, we have decided to stay in touch with you in the form of live streams through the YouTube platform, which almost everyone knows today.


Po zakoupení lekce skrze náš rezervační systém:

You do not need to download any app or extra program

Video is available 48 hours

You do not need to login anywhere

We broadcast new classes every day

We just send you specific link

Price is 120 CZK

How does it work? In the reservation system, you choose a lesson that you like. You click on it and if you still have your user account with us - you will create it in a few clicks. You will pay for the lesson with a card or credits. You will then receive an email with a unique code for the streamed lesson. Then all you have to do is make yourself comfortable at home and join us in time via the link. We look forward to you!