Do you want to use a Multisport card in our studio? First read the terms of use please:

Mulitsport cards are accepted ONLY for all 60-minute lessons.
Cards are NOT accept on 75-90 minutes lessons and closed courses.

What do you need to make a reservation?

  • upload a credit/deposit in the reservation system (190Kč per 1 lesson)
  • this deposit is refundable if you arrive at the yoga class or if you cancel your booking in time (max 3 hours before the start)
  • the deposit will be returned within 3 hours after the end of the lesson back to the user account
  • if you do not arrive and and cancel your reservation, the deposit will be deducted
  • in case you want to create multiple reservations, you need to put more deposit credits (one for each lesson)
  • the validity of credits uploaded in the system is 2 months
  • If you sign out of the lesson, the returned credit is valid for 14 days
  • if you book your next lesson within 14 days and you arrive at the lesson, the validity of the credit from this canceled lesson will be credited with 2 months again
  • credits are not refundable

If the system does not allow you to sign up for a lesson with Multisport even if you have credits – that means that capacity for Multisport card clients is filled up (the number of seats for the card user is limited). In this case pay the lesson, or you can try luck and come with MS card without reservation.

Yoga class without reservation

  • You can arrive at the lesson without reservation
  • You can always see the number of free spots one hour before the yoga starts
  • If there is full capacity for Multisport card clients in the reservation system – you can try luck and arrive without the booking without any worries.

You will always find at least one free spot for a reservation for each lesson in our studio. If the lesson is less busy, you can find up to 5 spots to book with Multisport card. By uploading a credit to our system, you voluntarily agree to the terms and conditions that are available on the website.

Thank you for understanding! 🙂