Want to take advantage of all the benefits of our new reservation system? Make reservations through our system and pay for your lessons with pre-paid credits!  1 Kč = 1 credit

  • 60-minute lesson: 180 credits
  • 90-minute lesson: 210 credits

The sale of our pre-paid lesson cards has been discontinued (those of you who have lessons left on your card are free to use them until their listed expiration date).

Reservations through the system cannot be used in cooperation with other discounts, i.e. student or senior discounts.

Do you prefer to pay in cash for a one time drop-in? Are you using student/senior discount? No reservation needed! Simply show up to your class of choice and pay in person.

  • 60-minute lesson: 200 CZK (drop-in) – student/senior 160 CZK
  • 90-minute lesson: 230 CZK (drop-in) –  student/senior 190 CZK

We do not accept credit cards nor any other sales vouchers/coupons such as Sodexo.

Multisport cards in the studio are accepted for all 60-minute lessons. Cards are not accepted for 90-minute lessons.

Do you want to make a reservation?

  1.  You’ll need to add credits (as a deposit) to your profile through our reservation system, 180Kc per lesson.
  2. This deposit is refundable as long as you attended the lesson you reserved or cancelled your reservation at least 3 hours before the start.
  3. The deposit will be returned back to your profile at the end of the lesson.
  4.  If you don’t arrive to the lesson and do not cancel your reservation, this deposit will turn into a deduction from your profile.
  5. If you’d like to make mulitiple reservations, you’ll have to add more credits: 180Kc for each reservation you’d like to make.
  6. Each credit added to your profile is valid for 2mos.
  7. If you cancel a reservation (within the alloted time), your refunded credit is valid for 14 days.
  8. If you book your next lesson within 14 days of your cancelled reservation, the validity of the credits extends back to 2mos.

Without a Reservation

 You can still come to a lesson without a reservation and use your Multisport card as payment. Our reservation system always shows the number of open mats. You’re welcome to arrive and try your luck.

Collect bonus points and receive even cheaper lessons!

Do you practice with us regularly?  

If you visit us regularly, you have the chance to collect points for monthly attendance. If you have perfect attendance for 1 calendar month for all booked lessons (without canceling or no-shows), we will credit you at the beginning of the following month.

  • Do you practice with us at least 3x a month? You will receive 10 credits.
  • Do you practice with us at least 5x a month? You will receive 20 credits.
  • Do you practice with us at least 7x a month? You will receive 35 credits.
  • Do you practice with us at least 9x a month? You will receive 50 credits.
  • Do you practice with us at least 11x a month? You will receive 100 credits.

Have you given us feedback?

If you give us a shoutout on our Facebook page or on Google Maps and your name matches the name on your Jóga Letná account, you will receive 10 CREDITS FOR FREE for each rating given.

The cost of renting the studio for your own event is decided on a case by case agreement. Please send us the date, time, and event details to info@jogaletna.cz and we will be glad to send you a quote!