We met at university and yoga has led us to a same path. We are not a yoga gurus or spiritualist. We are constantly inspired by the philosophy of yoga. We want to use its principles in the real life of the 21st century. We rejoice every progress whether in our yoga practice, personal life, or your beautiful smiles when you go out after a yoga lesson and just glow.

Helena Nehasilová

Barbora Borošová

And who is in the team? A group of yogis, yoga and pilates enthusiasts, instructors and artists.

Petra Pikkelová
– Jivamukti Yoga –

Martin Wagenknecht
– Vinyasa Yoga –

Tereza Velhartická
– Vinyasa, Yin Yoga –

Tereza Hausmanová
– Mindfulness, Yoga –

Jana Najbrtová
– Hatha Vinyasa –

Simona Hrušková
– Ashtanga Vinyasa –

Martina Vocílková
– Fyzio Yoga –

Marek Boroš
– Yoga Movement –

Valentina Lebová
– Vinyasa Flow Yoga –

Alexandra Galová
– Pilates –

Kristýna Pražáková
– Pilates Rolf –

Andrea Kepková
– Hatha Yoga –

Paulina Strečanská
– Hatha Yoga –

Alice Vaňková
– Pilates –

Lenka Waisová
– Hatha Yoga –