Oksana Kovalyk

The intention of my practice is to bring more love in the world as opposed to the fear. The goal is a healthy physical well-being, which is the result of taking care of the body; and healthy mental well-being, which is the result of knowing yourself, understanding emotions, desires, thoughts. There are no bad or good people in the world. There are those who feel bad, and their actions are driven by fear; and those who feel good, and their actions are governed by love.
Oksana Kovalyk

Kurzy a workshopy

  • Avatar yoga seminar April 2019 certificate (15 hours)

  • Avatar yoga festival 2019 certificate (35 hours)

  • Adho yoga conference 19-20 January  2020 certificate (10 hours)

  • Avatar yoga festival 2020 certificate (30 hours)

  • Yoga retreats with Rich Logan 2020-2021

  • Rich Logan Adjustment course January 2021 (18 hours)

  • Avatar yoga festival 2021 certificate (30 hours)