Terms and Conditions (valid from 12.3.2018)

  1. Those who wish to book a lesson can do only from the 12.3.2018 through the new reservation system
  2. We have prepared a loyalty program for those who come to yoga regularly
  3. Multisport card users and clients who want to use student or senior discounts will not be able to book the class- but they can still come without reservation.
  4. You can always arrive to the class without reservation, but you risk not to catch a free space. Do not be sad!
  5. The number of free spots on the lesson is always  in each yoga class in our schedule after clicking on it.
  6. Those, who did not book the class in the studio can pay lessons in the studio only in cash or by Multisport card (we do not accept credit cards).


  1. To reserve a spot on lesson, you need to upload a certain amount amount of money to the system, which will be converted into credits.
  2. You can upload money for one lesson, but you can also upload more money.
  3. The credit for your yoga account is valid for 2 months. In case of non-use, credits will expire. Purchased credit can not be returned.
  4. Each credit counts! Enjoy the benefits our booking system will bring you! More info on price list page.


  1. Once you have purchased the credit, you can book the yoga class on-line.
  2. Once the required lesson is booked, the system automatically sends you an email confirming your reservation.
  3. When Jóga Letná cancels your yoga lesson, you will be informed about this change via email or sms.
  4. Reservations through the online reservation system are considered binding.
  5. Reservations can only be canceled via the online reservation system.
  6. Cancellations are not accepted by phone or e-mail.
  7. The lesson can be booked up to 2 hours before the start. After that you can arrive only without reservation.
  8. If you arrive after the start of the lesson, you will not be allowed to enter the studio unfortunately and the credit for the reserved lesson will be forfeited without refund
  9. In case you have a reservation made and you do not arrive at a lesson – the credit will be forfeited without a refund as well.


  1. You can cancel the reserved lesson only in the reservation system (not by phone or e-mail)
  2. If you cancel before 3 o’clock, the credit for this lesson will be automatically refunded you back.
  3. If you cancel your booking less than 3 hours before it starts, the credit for that lesson will be automatically deducted in full.
  4. Credit within 2 months expires.