You can find a list of frequently asked questions below. We recommend going through them. If you can't find the answer to your question, write us an email.

It is my first time on yoga. What do I need?

Just comfy clothes. People are usualy barefoot. You can borrow the yoga mat. We serve drinking water from the tap for free. Please do not bring mobile phones and glasses of water in the yoga shala. Thank you for your understanding.

Can I borrow a yoga mat in your studio?

Yes. Yoga mats can be borrowed for free. You will find them directly in the yoga shala. At the end of each lesson, please wipe the mats with the prepared towels in the hall. Thank you for keeping it clean.

Are there any rules in the studio?

Nobody likes rules. However, there are a few things that work to be considerate of ourselves and others. It is a good habit to take off your shoes upon arrival, to process your reservation and payment at the reception. You can change clothes in women's or men's locker rooms (the keys are already in the lockers) after that. Please do not bring mobile phones in the hall. Also, do not use too strong perfumes in the hall or dressing rooms. It is good to have clean feet before entering the class (you can use our showers). And be quiet when the lessons are still in progress These are little things, but thanks to them you help us create a pleasant atmosphere for everyone. Thank you!

Do I need a reservation on the class?

You don't. But it is better in any case anything happens - we inform immediately if the lesson is canceled or postponed. In addition, clients booking lessons with the credits have cheaper price.

How can I cancel my reservation?

You can easily cancel your booking via your user account in booking system. Just click once. If you know that you cannot arrive for the lesson, we recommend you to check out in time, otherwise your credits will be deducted. Reservations cannot be canceled by e-mail or telephone!

I can see the class is full in the schedule - can I arrive anyway?

If you have a way around or live nearby, you can try to arrive. It happens that in the end, one person does not always arrive or cancels the reservation at the last minute. So there is a high probability that you will fit. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the place. Thank you for your understanding.

Why can't I book more than a week in advance?

We have set up the reservation system so that you can book a lesson only a week in advance. The reasons are that if you make reservations for a longer period in advance, you often forget about them and then you will not arrive at the lesson. You are blocking places for others unnecessarily.

How much cost the rent of the studio?

The rental price varies according to the nature of the event. Consider how many people will be at the event, whether it is charitable or commercial. Check in the schedule whether we have a vacancy for your requested time (we do not cancel lessons due to rentals). The usual hourly rate is CZK 500 for the entire studio, but we will be happy to create an offer with a discount for you.

What is your equipment of the studio for rentals?

We have already held press conferences, dance workshops and meditation meetings. However, we would like to inform you that we are still just a yoga studio. We are neither a ballroom nor a meeting room. If you are looking for an interesting space for a specific event - you are in the right place, but it is necessary to procure needs such as chairs, a table, dishes, a projector or specific sound equipment. Feel free to contact us with questions through email 

Is it possible to park a car near your studio?

The studio is located in an area with parking only for the blue zone members (residents). If you are not a resident of Prague 7, you can only park in the green and orange zone around the Technical Museum. From 6 pm and on weekends free of charge, otherwise with a small fee.

I am pregnant. Can I practice yoga?

Please always report it to the lecturer. If you have been used to practicing yoga in the past and continue to become pregnant, this should not be a problem. However, there are positions that are not recommended for pregnant women. Each body is individual. Therefore, consult your doctor and then your lecturer.

I have specific health problems - I can practice yoga?

If you have health problems of any kind (severe pain, postoperative condition, blocked back, high or low blood pressure, etc.), always consult your doctor first and if they allows you yoga, inform the lecturer about your problems. Some positions may not be suitable for you. Follow your doctor's instructions, listen to your body and be even more mindfull. If necessary, consider an individual yoga lesson.